Why We Spent So Long Thinking About Our Values

… and the six that made the cut.

We started Archa because we believe that technology can be used to help people make more out of their money.

Our goal is to disrupt the banking industry by providing real and personalised solutions for the customers of today, rather than trying to sell them outdated products that they don’t need (or want).

Therefore, it was critical that our team gave a great deal of thought to which values would best represent Archa.

With this goal in mind, choosing our values turned out to be… well, not that easy! We have an idealistic team and each of us is passionate about improving lives through financial products.

We knew we needed a set of strong values that would prevent us from becoming greedy and sluggish like the incumbent banks, as well as inspiring us to become leaders in innovation and customer satisfaction.

So, our biggest challenge was narrowing down a lengthy list of values into what would become our core value set.

At first, we had a list of over twenty! After a few meetings, countless coffees and a number of impassioned arguments in favour of certain values, we narrowed down the list to just six.

Our team is confident that as Archa starts to grow, these six core values will keep us aligned with our original goals and vision.

1. Transparency

We believe in being open, honest and timely in our communications so that we can build a company that you trust and believe in.

All of Archa’s communications use plain and simple language to communicative with you, and we are clear about our terms and conditions.

We help you easily understand the benefits and limitations of our product and services.

2. Customer commitment

Creating amazing customer experiences is at the core of everything we do.  We train our team to be customer-centric and to think like a customer.

Archa’s product and services are designed around human interaction and experience. We don’t exploit you for profit; we do create solutions to your financial problems.

3. Innovation

We strive to be the best. The Archa team embraces innovation, advancements in technology and new and diverse ways of thinking.

Our team is entrepreneurial and bold. We are not held back by traditional ways of thinking, speaking and doing.

Our team knows that being able to think differently is a crucial trait to revolutionising the banking experience, so we believe in nurturing and empowering creative talent.

4. Security

We value your data and your privacy. When you decide to store your money with Archa, we take your investment seriously.

Archa employs the best security protocols to ensure your money and data is safe. We don’t sell your data and if requested, we will delete it from our records.

5. Collaboration

The Archa team listens to and engages with our customers and stakeholders in order to improve our product and services.

Our team believes open, honest discussion is key to building a platform that truly enriches your life. We encourage healthy debate, differences of opinion and diversity amongst our team members.

6. Leadership

The Archa team does what is right, all the time.  We strive to be industry leaders by living our values and demonstrating our commitment to you.


As Archa grows and adapts to changing customer needs and new technologies, we may need to make room for one or two (or ten) more values on this list.
If there’s a value that you think we’ve missed, please drop us a note at hello@archa.com.au and we’ll keep it in mind for the future…