fbpx Archa - Culture

Our culture.

Archa is led by a team of progressive thinkers who believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from the dreaded stress of money!
We collaborate regularly, we workshop, we create. We support one another to go further and to be industry role models. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we believe in working hard to provide a great product that gives real solutions to our customers.

Our Values


We believe in being open, honest and timely in our communications so that we can build a company that you trust and believe in. We use plain and simple language to communicative with customers. We are clear about our terms and conditions. We help customers easily understand the benefits and limitations of our product and services.


We strive to be the best. The Archa team embraces innovation, advancements in technology and new and diverse ways of thinking. Our team is entrepreneurial and bold. We are not held back by traditional ways of thinking, speaking and doing. Our team knows that being able to think differently is a crucial trait to revolutionising the banking experience, so we believe in nurturing and empowering creative talent.


We value your data and your privacy. When you decide to store your money with Archa, we take your investment seriously. We employ the best security protocols to ensure your money and data is safe. We don’t sell your data and if requested, we will delete it from our records.

Customer Commitment

We believe in placing the customer experience first and foremost, and in treating customers the way we want to be treated. We train our team to be customer-centric and to think like a customer. We design our product and services around human interaction and experience. We don’t exploit customers for profit; we do create solutions to our customers problems.


We aim to give our customers personalised banking advice that is valuable. We don’t sell our customers products they don’t need. We listen and empathise with our customers if they have concern, feedback or suggestions.


We believe in listening to and engaging with everyone in our team, our customers and our stakeholders so that we can refine and improve our product and services. We believe open and honest discussion is key to building a product that truly enriches your life.