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Archa is Australia's first neo-corporate card. It's the corporate card experience you've always wished for... if that's the sort of thing you make wishes about. If so you've wasted a wish you fool.
If you are a small to medium sized business, anywhere from 2 to 200 employees, then Archa is right for you.
We are working with a small group of beta customers at the moment. Once we open Archa up for a bigger group, we'll publish our pricing on our site.

Give me specifics

Signing up is as simple as clicking the button at the top of this page for access to our private beta. If you know someone already on the beta, best have them refer you to us. It'll get you onboarded faster.
Once you start your application you will be on your way within minutes. Once approved you can start using Archa right away, we will send you all the details of your virtual card whilst your physical one is in the mail.
Let’s get straight to the point. When you sign up we'll need access to your core accounting software account (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks or equivalent), this will give us the information we need to do our credit underwriting and will also allow us to ensure that our cards integrate seamlessly with your accounts. We may also need some additional personal identification information (Drivers Licence or Passport details) from the people in your business who will be managing the cards we issue, this protects your business by ensuring we are meeting our Fraud responsibilities by clearly verifying your identity.
As soon as you are approved, you can start using your virtual card.
Yes. That is one of the great things about Archa, our whole system is designed to easily integrate with existing business software like Xero, meaning that the only thing you'll need to learn, is how to take a photo of a reciept.
As your business grows, so does your credit. We'll report your good credit behaviour to our credit bureaus so that when you pay us on time it doesn't go unnoticed. After a little while, you'll have started to build up a great business credit score.
How many cards do you want? Onboarding new employees is easy and instant. You can also link the cards to Apple/Google Pay, which means you won't even need to have the physical card with you.
Everywhere except the moon. (We pledge to support all intergalactic purchases should a store open in space.) We've partnered with global payment masters Mastercard so that your card will be accepted everywhere Mastercard is.
Repayment terms set at 30 - 60 days in first instance, depending on your businesses size. We collect our payments via direct debit from your business account.
Why don't you leave that up to us. We're developing some of our own incredible tech to make sure that when you apply, we actually understand you. All you need to do is apply and if successful, you'll be approved within minutes.
Your personal credit will not be affected by applying for Archa. We are only interested in your business, what you do on your own time is up to you.
Credit limits are ratcheted to your business and will scale with your business. Our underwriting is not a one off process, we continue to assess the risk profile of each of our customers around the clock to ensure that the credit facility remains in line with your needs. This is how we're able to offer credit to start-ups and other small and medium businesses.
We've designed our fees around a subscription - much easier to understand and manage. Simply pay your balance and the subscription fee every month, and we can continue our long and fruitful relationship.
Anywhere from just yourself and a mate to 200+ employees.
Unfortunately you need to have been around for 6 months or longer before we can assess you properly. Once you're that old: welcome, things are about to become a lot easier for you to manage. We take all successful applicants, whether it's just you or a team of 200+, Archa will scale with your business, meaning you will never need to worry about credit or expenses ever again.
First of all, how dare you? Second of all, it's as simple as clicking "cancel my subscription" in the app. We'll be sad to see you go, but we understand that nothing lasts forever.
Tiered monthly fees; starting with subscription with flexibility to grow into larger ticket credit lines
Per card per month fee for additional cards
Other fees and charges may apply - if they do, we'll tell you what, when, and how much.
Any business related expense you want, we've got you covered. Taxi? Lunch? Subscription software? Work Computers? Whatever you need to make your business succeed.
With Archa you can connect SaaS spend right into your account, and manage the services in app. We've got some great controls coming for these charges. Stay tuned.
Yes, but you'll only pay if you get approved, and it is purely to cover our costs of doing checks on your business.
WHOA big spender. With our constant underwriting we can expand your credit limit based on how well your business is doing, so if you are absolutely killing it, then you won't have to worry about increasing your credit limit, chances are it will already have been increased. Alternatively, you could call us or slide into our DMs via in-app chat to discuss said credit limit increase.
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Archa is a registered trade mark of Archa Limited ACN 614 724 355.
Archa FacebookArcha FacebookArcha TwitterArcha TwitterArcha InstagramArcha InstagramArcha LinkedInArcha LinkedIn
Archa is a registered trade mark of Archa Limited ACN 614 724 355.