Program Overview

A partnership program between Archa, Mastercard® and Google to help businesses grow with Google’s advertising solutions and Archa’s spend management solution. Through this program, businesses will be guided for 3 to 6 months by Google to run successful Google Ads campaigns to meet their business goals.

Google Ads consultants are usually only available to big businesses with big ad budgets — this program opens the door to SMEs. We all know there are resources online (if you’ve got the time to read them), but nothing is better than a Google Ads consultant to personally kickstart your digital marketing journey.

You’ll be guided through account set up, and will receive tailored advice on how to optimise advertising budgets and run successful campaigns. Did we mention this program comes at no additional cost, just your spend on Google Ads.

Who is the program for?

Exclusive to Archa customers who are new to Google Ads or stopped running ads 6 months ago. Not sure if you’re eligible? You’re encouraged to apply regardless and Google will let you know if you qualify.

If you’re not yet using Archa to manage your business spending, speak with an Archa expert to discover how you can take the hassle out of your financial admin.

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What are the main benefits?

A new acquisition channel to widen your marketing reach, increase sales or strengthen your brand
Direct access to your own Google Ads consultant who will help you plan and optimise your campaigns to achieve your business goals
Exclusive Google Ads materials and seasonal insights

What to expect

The program has three main steps:

  • Step 1: Register for the program and find out if you’re accepted
  • Step 2: Setup Account
  • Step 3: Support from Google (3-6 months)

Read more about these steps:

Step 1: Register for the program

Submit an application to participate in the program and wait for evaluation from Google. Google will only contact eligible customers after step 1.

Eligibility criteria

  • Archa customer
  • New account that has never run Google Ads or last run Google Ads at least 6 months ago
  • Already running Google Ads but want to run Google Ads for another sales website (new domain).
  • Priority is given to the following industries: Professional services, retail and small business Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Google will not accept customers from the following industries: Medicines, dietary supplements (drugs for hair growth, weight loss), gambling, counterfeit goods, piracy.

Step 2: Account Setup

Once selected, Google will support:

  • Accounts creation: Google Ads, Google Merchant Centre (GMC), Analytics (if needed)
  • Tag installment and account linking for performance tracking
  • Payment setup using Archa Mastercard

Step 3: Support from Google (3-6 months)

Google will provide advice on:

  • Media mix in Google's ecosystem: Google Search, Google Display Network, Youtube Ads, Google Shopping
  • Advertising strategy, campaign execution, advertising policies and best practices.
  • Advertising budget and the expected results.

Please note, length of service depending on client investment.

What is the ideal result after 3-6 months with the program?

  • Successful advertising with Google
  • Ability to run Google ads on your own
  • High potential customers get extended support from Google scaling teams (by invitation only)
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