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Fast. Secure. Intuitive.


The Archa app is the first real alternative to your bank. An Archa account allows you to save, spend, travel, transfer and receive money all from your mobile phone. Get early access by joining the waitlist today.



Money in, money out. Make sense of the financial madness with Archa’s clear spending analytics.

Global account

Need more reasons to go on holiday? Spend your money everywhere in the world with no ATM fees and unbeatable currency conversion rates.


Social invoicing

Getting people to pay you back has never been easier. Invoice your mates when you pay the bill – even if they don’t bank with us. If they forget to pay straight away don’t worry, we’ll send them a gentle reminder.

Transaction notifications

Transaction notifications

Ever wonder what the hell your money is up to when you’re not paying attention? Stay up to date minute by minute with our instant notifications.

Transaction notifications
Archa card <br> gone AWOL?

Archa card
gone AWOL?

Lost your card after a wild night out in Bucharest? We won’t judge your life choices. Kill the card in the app and immediately order a replacement via express post. It’s pain-free.

Support that suits
your lifestyle.

Chat with a real human whenever you need. Archa’s live chat support service is fast, helpful and is monitored by real people 24/7. We promise to not send you around in circles.

Hi there! What’s up?
Can you check some suspicious activity on my account?
Sure thing. Any transaction in particular?
Can you look at everything from the last 24 hours?
Sure. On it.

Real and Convenient

Chat with humans, on-demand. Archa’s built in chat support service is designed to fit into your schedule. Our chats won’t time-out, and we won’t send you around in circles.