Business credit cards for you and your team

Track and control spend with a business credit card that's good for business. Issue cards to your team and spend less time doing financial admin.

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Designed to make life easier

Receive a fast decision

Submit an application online in 5 minutes - no paperwork. Approval within 48 hours.

Empower your team

Issue company cards to staff in minutes. Eliminate painful employee reimbursements.

Customisable card limits

Set individual card limits, and access business flexible business limits with 30-day repayment terms.
Graphic of Archa's spend tracking feature

Optimise cash flow

With 30-day terms, Archa business credit cards help you to optimise your cash flow and consolidate monthly spending.

Issue more cards to your team

Multiply the benefits of Archa with company cards. Instantly issue cards to remove staff reimbursements and stop card sharing.

Graphic of Archa's card issuing feature
Graphic of Archa's spend controls feature

More control over company spend

Set card limits, and gain real-time visibility of spending from the web or mobile app.

The secure spending solution for your business

Backed by Mastercard® and built from the ground up, Archa’s business credit card solution has multiple layers of protection to give you peace of mind.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection
  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • App auto-locking
  • PCI-DSS certified provider
  • 256 bit data encryption
Graphic of Archa's security features
Screenshot of the Archa card within the Apple Wallet environment

Tap and pay

Easily make secure payments without your physical card. Archa is available on both Apple PayTM and Google PayTM.

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