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Archa is the only business credit card that helps you manage your business spending, reduce admin time and focus more on the big picture - so you don't waste time dealing with the hassle of financial admin. Issue cards instantly, onboard employees, track spending and reconcile expenses in real-time, giving you total oversight and control of your finances.

Once you have sped through our easy sign-up process, you will receive a physical Archa card which you can use to make purchases anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted. You can then use the Archa app to assign cards to employees, manage your company spend in real-time, freeze and unfreeze cards and much more, all from your smart device.

If you are a small to medium-sized business based in Australia, with anywhere from 1 - 100 employees, and your business uses accounting software, then Archa is right for you.

Archa is available for all small to medium-sized businesses in Australia, and our cards can be used worldwide, wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

Archa is priced differently depending on your needs as a business owner. We have flexible options depending on factors like the size of your business and how much credit you want.

For more information, visit the Pricing tab at the top of this page.

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Signing up is as simple as clicking the button at the top of this page for access to our private beta. If you know someone already on the beta, best have them refer you to us. It'll get you onboarded faster.

Once you start your application you will be on your way within minutes. Once approved we will send you an Archa card by registered post.

When you sign up, we'll need access to 6 - 12 months of your business bank statements, giving us the information we need to do our credit underwriting for your business. We also need some additional personal identification information (Drivers Licence or Passport details) from the owners and team members in your business who will be managing the cards we issue. This protects your business by ensuring we are meeting our Anti-Fraud responsibilities by clearly verifying everyone's identity.

When we underwrite your business, we utilise data from your business bank accounts to determine your business’s creditworthiness. So we can provide you with spend management tools and a business credit card without you needing to give a personal guarantee.

We'll report your good credit behaviour to the credit bureaus so that when you pay us on time, it doesn't go unnoticed. After a little while, you'll have started to build up a great business credit score.

At the moment, we are working on our multi-cards functionality, and you will soon be able to issue multiple cards to team members from your app. For the time being, we are issuing 1 card per business at our current Beta testing stage. You can link the card to Google Pay, which means you won't even need to have the physical card with you.

Repayment terms set at 30 days in first instance, depending on your businesses size. We collect our payments via direct debit from your business account.

No, applying for Archa will never affect your personal credit score, and we do not require a personal guarantee from the business owners. Instead, our underwriting process determines your business’s creditworthiness using your business’s bank and accounting data and allows us to provide your business with credit based on those results.

Anywhere from just yourself and a mate to 100+ employees.

Any business-related expense you want, we've got you covered. Taxi? Lunch? Subscription software? Work Computers? Supplies? Whatever you need to make your business succeed.

With Archa you can connect your software-as-a-service spend right into your account, and manage the services in app. We've got some great controls coming for these charges. Stay tuned.

Get in contact with us for all other questions regarding Archa. You can head to the Contact page for more options or email us at hello@archa.com.au