So, what exactly is Archa?
How does Archa work?
Who can use Archa?
Where can I use Archa?
How much does Archa cost?


How do I apply for Archa?
How long will it take?
What information do I need to provide?
Why does Archa need access to my business accounts?
Will my personal credit be affected?


How do I set up Tap & Pay?
How do I issue my employee a card?
How are the cards linked to my account?
How do I view my employee's transactions?
How do employee credit limits work?
What credit limit should I set for my employees?
How can I change my employee’s credit limit?

Xero Bank Feed Integration

What is a bank feed?
How does the Archa connection to Xero work?
How do I connect my Archa account to Xero?
As an external accountant, how can I connect my client's account to Xero?
How often and why will my new Archa transactions sync to Xero?
My Archa card transactions are not syncing to Xero, what is wrong?
How can I import older Archa transactions into Xero?
How will fees and card transactions show up in Xero?
How will repayments show up in Xero?
How do I disconnect my account?


What are the repayment terms?
When will I be billed every month?


I want to make a complaint, how can I do that?
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