We’re Archa and this is our story, so far.

Archa is a technology company building a cutting edge corporate card and spend management platform for businesses everywhere. Despite generating more than a third of Australia’s economic output, small businesses receive next to no service from banks and other financial providers. We’re fixing that.

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Small businesses are being left to fend for themselves

Running a small business is hard work, and frankly, we think banks have gotten lazy. They expect you to work around the problems created by outdated technology systems, counter-intuitive risk practices, and remarkably bad customer service.

Bank card programs are also structured so that the more debt you hold, and the longer you hold it, the better the bank does. The reality is that this just increases costs for small businesses, forcing them to slow growth and pay staff less. Part of our mission is to fix this misalignment of incentives. We want our customers to grow, so we’re pricing our product in a way that enables that.

For a long time, small business owners have had no other choice but to work with large financial institutions. There’s no threat that customers will leave, because there were no alternatives. Archa has changed this.
Illustrated graphic of a dashboard of Archa's spend management features

We’re building a corporate card and spend management platform tailored to the needs of small businesses: easy to access, technology-first, and connected to the ecosystem of tools you already use to run your small business. We want to help you empower your team to make good financial decisions within the boundaries you set for them. An empowered team is more efficient. On Archa your people will stop losing themselves in the quicksand of financial admin.

Because we issue corporate cards we have unrivalled connection and insight into spending operations. This allows us to amalgamate a fractured ecosystem of business tools. Think instant card issuance, virtual cards, single-use cards, rich controls, subscription management, reporting, user management, and native reconciliation processes in your existing accounting platform. All this built simply to help your business grow faster.

Banks think about corporate cards as a line of credit attached to a piece of plastic. Wrong. On the right platform, corporate cards can be a lot more.

Meet the Team

Our team is at the core of our business, bringing together deep experience in technology, payments, financial services, and company building. We’re building a diverse and inclusive workforce, which we know will be critical to our success.

Our people are universally focussed on saving customers time, energy, and money. We want our customers to have better oversight and control over their team spending so that they can focus on growing their core business.

Fundamentally, we want to help our customers prosper.