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See what working with one of Australia's fastest growing start-ups could do for your career.

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Who we are

We’re a high growth company addressing a monumental gap in the market. There are opportunities, and then there’s this: a once-in-a-generation chance to re-imagine how small businesses spend and manage money. We think it’s a problem that’s too important to be solved by anyone but us.

Archa is for people who are unrelenting in their pursuit of building something better, and joining now means you’ll be here at the beginning of something huge. You’ll be a part of a dynamic, sharp, empathetic, and - most importantly - growth-obsessed team. We’re universally focussed on improving finance for small business.

Whether you work (or want to work) in engineering, operations, growth, marketing, finance, risk, or strategy, take a look at our open positions below. Even if there’s nothing open right now that suits you, please still reach out to us.

At Archa you’ll become a wearer of many hats. We don’t believe in silos or unreasonably narrow job descriptions, because we think this results in flawed product design, and unstable execution. Our teams are cross-functional, and work together closely to ensure razor sharp strategy, product design, and delivery.

Working at Archa means you’ll have a direct impact on what we’re building and how we build it. We’re a growing team of 20+ people, based in Melbourne and Sydney, all with a burning desire to help small businesses grow. We’ve made it our business to build a team with a shared passion for technology and business. In short, we’re building a team you’ll genuinely want to work with and be around.

We spend a lot of time looking for the right people to join Archa. We think it’s fundamental to our success. We want our people to have a massive impact on what we’re building and how we think. We hire people to show us how it’s done, and where things are challenging, to take the lead on building a better solution.

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Why here and not there

We want our people to bring a lot to the table, so Archa does too. Working at Archa, you’ll get access to a well-designed set of perks and benefits intended to help you do your best work.

These include a competitive salary, an options plan for serious equity upside, annual learning and development budgets (allocated at your discretion), the subsidy of mental and physical health costs, and an extra week of leave every year to learn something new (think scuba-diving, oil-painting, or anything else you’re interested in).

We operate like this to ensure we can attract and retain the best people, and to enable them to do their best work.

Current Job Listings

Don't see the job you're looking for? Contact jobs@archa.com.au for more information.