Senior Backend Developer

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Why this is an amazing opportunity

This role is perfect for an experienced senior backend developer who wants to energize their career with first-hand experience at a dynamic, extremely fast-growing company. 

The sense of impact and reward will be massive. We are a small, non-hierarchical and sociable team. This means that you are going to get exposure to all aspects of our business immediately, impact the company culture and provide input on the direction of our products. It also means that there is potential for you to expand your knowledge into other programming languages used at the business, should you want to.

What is Archa, where are we at, and why you? 

We issue corporate credit cards to businesses on a platform that integrates with their existing business practices, all without a personal guarantee. It’s a corporate card solution that will fill a huge gap in the market.

Right now, we’re at the stage of preparing the solution for scale. That means we have a working prototype, and we would like to make it more robust, faster and bake more exciting features into the Archa ecosystem. Our focus is firmly on product and customer growth. By joining us, you’ll be helping to build an SME corporate credit card product that will disrupt the current market and provide a service that no incumbent currently offers.

We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion; one of our key goals is to continue building what we consider one of the top-performing fintech teams. Importantly, we also operate in an environment that is highly collaborative and inclusive - it’s something that we are extremely proud of and will continue to prioritize. This means putting a lot of time into ensuring we only hire people with exceptional potential and who share our ambitions. We know that a diverse workforce powers businesses to rocket upwards, better understand and serve our clients, innovate, and attract top talent. 

Why Archa?

  • You’ll be joining a fully committed, passionate, diverse and fun team.
  • Enjoy the agility and flexibility offered by a startup culture. We are obsessed with pursuing best-in-class engineering, product and efficiency. You will be one of the core members of a very strong development team that builds amazing products.
  • Be a part of a pioneering growth company focused on building an amazing product that offers an incredible financial solution to small to medium-sized businesses. 
  • We’re always thinking about how we can do things differently and whether we might be able to do things better if we do them ourselves.
  • Experience the excitement and learn from being part of an incredibly fast-growing young company. No kidding – exponential growth. Happening right now.

About you

  • You possess startup DNA; you are resilient, and you get things done; carpe diem; you’re adaptable to change and have huge capacity for hard work in a relentlessly fast-paced environment. You get back up when you get knocked down.
  • Strong attention to detail; you’re logical, systematic, and have a relentless focus on 100% accuracy. You have an innate desire for errorless and perfectly presented work products.
  • You enjoy working with and mentoring others. 
  • You put a lot of pride in your work, strive to deliver low-maintenance code and are happy to discuss and provide input when architecting new systems. 
  • You are interested in technology and are excited about building a leading corporate card solution for businesses all over the world.
  • You have a relentless hunger to continue to learn more, and to explore outside the box, maybe even break the box!

What we are looking for

  • 3+ years of professional experience working with backend systems
  • Strong knowledge of Python/Django or Golang
  • Strong experience with system design
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases (Postgres preferably)
  • Strong experience designing and developing REST APIs
  • Experience with version control
  • Experience prioritizing and managing other developers

Experience and skills that would be nice to have (but we’re happy to trade off if everything else fits)

  • Startup experience. Sometimes the earth moves beneath your feet at Archa, so you've got to be able to wear lots of hats when needed and adapt easily as we continue to grow
  • Programming knowledge in other languages
  • Any knowledge of GCP and Kubernetes
  • Experience in CI/CD/DevOps
  • Any experience with Mobile or Web development
  • Any knowledge of Scrum or Kanban processes
  • A willingness to continue to learn and explore outside the box!

Do you want to be our next Senior Backend Developer? Here’s what to do now:

If this sounds exciting and you'd like an informal chat, get in touch and tell us why you want to work at Archa.

Alternatively, you can send your resume or LinkedIn profile to Please include a covering paragraph telling us about yourself, why you think you would be a good fit for this role and your availability. Applications go directly to the engineering team, or the senior management team as applicable (no HR department or recruiter). Include any additional information about yourself that is cool and interesting, including personal projects you're working on.

We look forward to hearing from you.