Finance Managers

Spend less time doing financial admin and more time on higher value work. Whether that’s employee reimbursements or manual data entry into accounting software, Archa has you covered.

Image of a finance manager hard at work

Archa helps finance managers spend less time doing financial admin and optimise company spending. 

Say goodbye to employee reimbursements

Save you and the whole company time by issuing company credit cards to employees. It’s simple to issue cards with set spending limits. No more reimbursements or time spent loading funds on cards.

Graphic of Archa's spend controls feature
Graphic of Archa's Xero feed integration feature

Real-time accounting integration

Connecting Archa with Xero eliminates manual data entry and errors by automatically importing all transactions into your accounting software for you.

Anthony De Filippis, Rockstar Finance

“The Xero integration saves us from manually entering the credit card transactions and we can automatically match employee expenditure with the receipts they upload to the system.”

Anthony De Filippis, Lead Broker & Founder
Rockstar Finance

The secure spending solution for your business

Backed by Mastercard® and built from the ground up, Archa’s business credit card solution has multiple layers of protection to give you peace of mind.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection
  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • App auto-locking
  • PCI-DSS certified provider
  • 256 bit data encryption
Graphic of Archa's security features

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