Paytron Australia: What Is It and What Are the Alternatives?

Paytron is a new payment platform available in Australia. It helps accountants, business owners, and managers manage payments from a single platform. Here’s a summary of its features and how they work.

Paytron features

Paytron provides a range of features to assist businesses in managing payments. These include:

  • Automated invoice capture – this feature makes it possible to avoid manual data entry. Using artificial intelligence (AI), all invoice details are extracted, and payments are scheduled. The final step is to review and confirm payments. 
  • Approval workflows – this feature boosts operational security and facilitates team communications during the payment approval process.
  • Batch payments – using a batch file, businesses can reduce the time needed for payment runs by processing large numbers of payments. 
  • International transfers – users can send money internationally without using a bank and save on FX rates. 
  • Payroll payments – users can process payroll with one click without needing bank ABA files.
  • Card payments – businesses can use AMEX, Visa or Mastercard to make payments. This makes it possible to improve cash flow and earn rewards when paying invoices. It also avoids credit card location restrictions. 
  • Multi-currency business accounts – with a Paytron business account, you can receive, hold and send funds in 37 currencies. 
  • Corporate cards – the corporate card comes with several features. Businesses can get approval within 24 hours with no personal guarantee. Once approved, you can instantly issue, pause or cancel cards at any time. Paytron cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay. 

In addition, Paytron can be integrated with Xero and KeyPay. 

Alternatives to Paytron

While Paytron offers a number of powerful features, some businesses might not need the full range of these. For example, Archa is a spend management platform specialising in providing charge cards to employees quickly and easily. 

Archa offers:

  • A fast application that can be completed in around 5 minutes, with an outcome within 48 hours 
  • Card management tools, including setting up additional employee cards, changing spending limits, and tracking spending in real time 
  • Integration with Xero, giving you the ability to upload receipts in seconds
  • A line of credit with thirty days to repay balances, like other business charge cards 
  • The ability to upload receipts to Xero in seconds using the Archa app on your smartphone or desktop
  • No personal guarantee requirement. With Archa, credit is underwritten for businesses, so you can keep your personal and business responsibilities separate. 

Find out how Archa business credit cards can simplify your business expense management.