Archa's Xero Bank Feed Integration

Our Xero bank feed integration is live!

Today we’re delighted to announce our bank feed integration with Xero is now live, saving businesses time and improving visibility over their finances.

We’ve known how important this integration is for our customers so it’s really exciting to deliver this feature!

Once set up, all transactions made with Archa cards will automatically import into your Xero organisation. This eliminates manual entering or importing of transactions, saving businesses the hassle and improving data accuracy.

The time-saving benefits are amplified for businesses with Archa’s company cards. Transactions made across all cardholders are automatically fed into Xero, helping to consolidate spending in one place.

Transactions automatically synced to Xero

Real-time visibility

With real-time syncing to Xero, Archa is also helping businesses have more visibility of their finances. Having business spending easily accessible, and being able to forecast cash flow can be particularly important for new and growing businesses.

In another effect to improve visibility and control for Archa customers, the team has also released the ability for primary cardholders to view all secondary card transactions from the app.

This gives business owners more control over employee cards as they can now view any purchases made as needed throughout the month.

Connected business

Delivering on integrations with popular business software such as Xero is a big step forward for Archa making life easier for businesses. Banks and other financial institutions have typically been very slow to integrate with other software technologies. And when they finally have, the integrations tend to be clunky and a poor user experience.

Archa prides itself on being a tech-first company - we’re redesigning business credit cards and spend management. That’s why you’re able to connect to Xero in just a few clicks. In fact, we’re one of the only companies whose customers can connect to Xero through an entirely mobile experience. Get started from the Archa app.

What’s next?

More good news is around the corner for customers using Xero accounting software. We’re excited to deliver receipt capture and submission straight into Xero from the Archa app in the coming months.

For our customers using other accounting software, cardholder transactions can still be downloaded as CSV files and imported into your accounting system of choice.

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