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Xero Expenses App and Archa App: How Do They Compare?

Business expense apps, such as the Xero Expenses app and the Archa app, can assist with tracking and managing employee expenses and minimise the time required for expense reporting by eliminating manual data entry.

Here we’ll look at the Xero Expenses app and Archa app and see how these mobile apps compare.

Xero Expenses

The Xero Expenses app

This app is an expense management tool for Xero users that assists small businesses with tracking and managing employee expenses. It enables employees to submit expenses in one click. The time-saving features include:

  • Real-time cost capture – the app enables employees to capture and submit their expenses and kilometre claims.
  • Reconciliation –  businesses can save time with smart reconciliation when staff members use the app
  • Real-time spend management – the app provides accurate views of employee expenses and shows you when expense claims need to be paid.

You can use Xero expenses with Xero Projects to assign an expense to a specific customer or project as you enter it. It will automatically be added to your customer’s next invoice to ensure you are reimbursed for the expense.

Xero Expense app

The Archa app 

The Archa expense management app is an easy way to capture employee spending. When employees use the Archa credit card, purchases are tracked in the Archa app and are automatically uploaded to your Xero accounting program. There’s no need for employees to use their personal funds and submit expense claims.

Like Xero Expenses, the Archa app makes it easy for employees to capture receipts by simply using a smartphone camera and uploading it (with expense codes and notes). The uploaded receipts are automatically matched against your Archa transaction bank feed, reducing the admin time required. 

With the Archa app, you can monitor and track employee expenses in real-time and set limits on employee spending. 

What’s the difference between the Xero Expenses and Archa apps?

While both apps assist with employee expense management, Archa provides credit cards employees use to make expenses. This totally eliminates the need for reimbursements and the issues connected with them. When employees spend their own funds for company purposes and then wait to be repaid, it can impact personal cash flow and cause financial stress.

With Archa, your business gets a total credit limit and can easily issue cards to team members who incur business expenses. This eliminates the need for employees to use personal funds and be reimbursed at a later date. It also eliminates the need to set up complicated expense accounts. 

You can set spending limits for each card, monitor expenses in real time and pause and cancel cards with ease. 

So while the Xero expenses app is a handy tool for monitoring and managing expenses, Archa offers a complete solution that includes employee credit cards to cover business expenses. 

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