Connect to Xero from the Archa app

It’s easy to set up your Xero bank feed, all from the Archa app. Follow the steps below to connect in 2 minutes. You can also check out our frequently asked questions.

Graphic of Archa's Xero feed integration feature

How to connect your Archa account to Xero

  1. Make sure your Archa app is up to date
  2. Log into your Archa app
  3. Select the “Home” tab in the bottom left navigation tab
  4. Tap the “Xero integration” button, then tap “Connect Xero”
  5. If you are not yet logged into Xero, you will be prompted to log in. Enter your Xero log in details.
  6. You will be brought to the Xero authorisation page, select “Allow access.” This allows Archa to connect to your Xero account.
  7. Choose the organisation within your Xero account you would like to connect to Archa. Most Xero accounts will likely only have one organisation. This step allows Archa to connect to the specific Xero organisation.
  8. Customers that already have created an Archa credit card account in Xero will select an account from the presented list. Customers that have not yet created an Archa credit card account can create one and connect to it.
  9. Select “Next” and then “Done”, all non-pending transactions will now automatically sync to Xero hourly.
  10. All done! Now you can easily reconcile all your expenses.

Xero Bank Feed FAQ's

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